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Ultimate Game Card Information

The Ultimate Gamecard is the ideal payment method for a wide range of games as well as items and currencies for games. Purchase ingame currencies like Credits, Coins, Dollars or Gold for various Facebook Games and advance remarkably in your favorite games on Facebook. Build your city much faster, buy new clothes and items for your character, or buy chips to put at stake when playing Poker. Depending on the game, you have a lot of possibilities.

You can use the Ultimate Gamecard not only as a payment method for Facebook Games, but also for a multitude of other games. For example, buy additional playtime or other services for your favorite MMO, or pay with the credit balance of your Ultimate Gamecard in online shops.

Get the Ultimate Gamecard fast and safe at Online Gold, charged with different balances. Use this simple and universal payment method for Facebook Games and services of many other games. Make sure to get your Ultimate Gamecard today and pay without a credit card or direct debit from now on.

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