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  • Fortinte Account With Email Access, 50-255 Skins with Renegade Raider, Recon Expert, Ghoul Trooper, Black Knight or Other, PSN

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    By purchasing this product you will get:

    FORTINTE account With guaranteed 50-255 Random Skins Amount with chance to get at least 1 rare skins from below list:
    You will 80% get one rare skin in this list:
    Ghoul Trooper
    Renegade Raider
    Recon Expert
    Aerial Assault
    Black Knight
    The Reaper (John Wick)
    Merry Marauder
    Ginger Gunner
    The reaper
    Yuletide Ranger
    Ginger Gunner

    - Account can be linked to new PSN.
    - Account is not fresh.
    - Nickname/login can be changed.
    - E-mail change is available after 90 days.
    - With account you receive EMAIL ACCESS. That means you can change all data (password, nickname) on account.

    £ 32.82

Fortinte Account