Ghost Recon - Future Soldier
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Ghost Recon - Future Soldier


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Product description


Armed with the most advanced combat technology, the Ghosts are an untraceable unit of soldiers who track down the highest-value targets in the highest-risk conflict areas around the world. In the near future, 4 of these elite soldiers serve as the tip of the spear in a hidden war raging across the globe. As the Ghosts accomplish their objectives, they discover a far greater threat - one that could alter the international balance of power forever.





  • Join the Legendary Ghosts – Control Sergeant Kozak and his unit, across 14 missions in 8 spectacular locales, from Africa to the Arctic Circle.
  • All-Access Pass to Future War Tech - Fight using the tech of tomorrow including, optical camouflage, augmented reality, drones and more.
  • Wield over 50 Weapons and Customize Them with Gunsmith Mode - Harness the immense firepower of an army and optimize every aspect of your arsenal in the Gunsmith mode.
  • Intense Multiplayer - 4 game modes, 10 maps and multiple classes along with GR’s classic siege mode.



System requirements


OS: Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista (SP2) / Windows 7 (SP1)
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium D or 2.2 GHz AMD Athlon X2 4400+

(Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better recommended)
Memory: 1 GB Windows XP / 2 GB Windows Vista, 7 (2 GB / 3 GB recommended
Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c-compliant video card with Shader Model 4.0 or higher
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 25 GB free space
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compliant
Multiplayer:64 Kbps or faster broadband connection


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