Nexon Cash 30,000 EU
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Nexon Cash or NX Cash is a virtual currency that can be used for all games created by the developer Nexon Europe. In the Nexon Shop, you can get new contents for NX Cash, for example special items or pets, for your online game.

Nexon has already published its first MMORPG in 1995 and is one of today's leading developers of innovative online games with millionen of players worldwide. Nexon played a good part in giving the mainstream of non-hardcore players an understanding and liking for online games.

This offer includes 30000 Nexon Cash and may be used, among others, in the following games to unlock special contents and buy items:

  • Maple Story
  • Mabinogi
  • Atlantica Online
  • Vindictus

Get your Nexon Cash code for the ordered amount of NX Cash quick and easy by eMail. Just enter your key on the Nexon Europe website in your account to unlock your Nexon Cash.

Buy 30000 Nexon Cash at a favorable price from Online Gold. We also offer other amounts of NX Cash adequate to your needs.



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