Guild Wars

When Guild Wars was released in 2005 it was considered a novelity on the MMORPG market. Instead of focusing on the PVE aspects of the game the developer team was more interested in the PVP aspects. One of GW's essential parts are combats between groups of players in combat areas and on the open fields. Up to now three Addons have been published which provide access to new areas of the game, to new equiptment and to new careers.

For playing guild wars you first have to create your own character, after that you are immediatly ready to play. Discover the ingame area, successfully complete quests and embrace epic battles and duels against entire armies or single players

Online Gold accompanies you in your voyage through the worlds of Guild Wars. We can provide you with cheap CD Keys for Guild Wars and the available extensions. Additionally you may buy outstanding guides for several aspects of Guild Wars. Of course we also deliever "Platin", the ingame currency, directly to your ingame character!

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