TERA Online

The MMORPG TERA combines fantasy elements in a graphically breathtaking world with exciting action that you experience as a player in dynamic battles. Your deeds in TERA influence the whole gameworld by defining the destiny and the politics of several peoples.

Visually, TERA is pure eye candy thanks to the Unreal Engine 3. Eight different classes invite you to enjoy a very individual gaming experience. TERA is not mainly about the best equipment but about the prowess of each player – your skill is what matters!

Use numerous abilities, powerful combos and all your finesse the destroy hordes of enemies and huge boss monsters. Provided that you can concentrate on fighting in TERA instead of being utterly under the charm of the visual opulence of this amazing online RPG...

Here at Online Gold, you can get everything you need to be a successful player of the fantasy action MMO TERA: Your TERA Key, the ingame currency TERA Gold and TERA Powerleveling – get it all at favorable prices, delivered as quickly as possible!

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