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The Lover
The Lover
The Lover
Weapon Strength: 904 - 1000
+90 Power
+64 Precision
+5% Critcal Damage
Short BowExotic
Damage Type: Physical
Required Level: 80
This weapon is used to craft the legendary short bow The Dreamer.
Superior Sigil of Rage
10% Chance on Critical: Gain Quickness (3 Seconds)
(Cooldown: 45 Seconds)
Delivery time: 1-24 hours
£ 9.61 buy The Lover

Weapons Information

In Guild Wars 2, lots of different weapons to eliminate enemies are available to the players' characters. Depending on the chosen class, various kinds of weapons may be used. Warriors tend to equip swords or rifles, while elementalists rather rely on staffs or magical daggers. Using certain weapons in GW2 can be very different from class to class – for example, warriors, guardians, rangers and mesmers use greatswords, but they all do so in distinct ways.

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