Guild Wars - Prophecies Key
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It is the first stand-alone chapter in the Guild Wars universe.

You can download the game client for free at

Description of the Producer:
Your skill will be your legend
A champion will rise from the ruins of a once-proud empire to lead his people out of the ashes and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will you be that champion? Become a legendary hero and bring justice to a land scarred by conflict, where guilds wage constant war to protect their homelands from a bestial race of savage monsters.
“The first great online action/RPG - For everyone who hates MMORPGs, and those who love them, too.”
PC Gamer
Immerse yourself in the vast and beautifully crafted world of Guild Wars (the original Prophecies campaign), the game that redefined the massively multiplayer genre by removing monthly subscription fees and putting the skill back into the competition. Whether battling horrific enemies or competing at the highest levels of player-versus-player tournament play, it will always be skill that seals your victory or results in defeat.
-Play online with no subscription fees
-Craft your hero with 36 possible combinations from six professions: Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Elementalist, Mesmer, and Necromancer
-Play solo with unique NPC ‘henchmen’ allies or join with your friends to ascend as a team in global tournaments to control the Hall of Heroes
-Fully integrated guild support features in-game Guild Halls, forums, and worldwide tournaments and ladders
-Proprietary streaming technology enables regular feature updates like the massive Sorrow’s Furnace


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