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Guild Wars Platin Information

Buy Guild Wars Gold / Platinum
You receive the ordered amount of GW Gold for your character in Guild Wars.

Delivery time:
The delivery time takes 1-24 hours after receipt of payment. You have to indicate your character’s name during the payment process.

Time of delivery in Guild Wars:

During the ordering process you can indicate times, when you are online in Guild Wars, in the box “Character Name” or just write us an email. We will settle an individual appointment with you.

Meeting point in Guild Wars:
There are different meeting points in the game, depending on the Guild Wars version you use.
Guild Wars normal: Ascalon City, International District 1 at the storekeeper.
Guild Wars Factions: Shong Jea Monastery, International District 1 at the storekeeper.
Guild Wars Nightfall: Kamadan, Jewel of Istan, International District 1 at the storekeeper.

Important advice:
Please mind that your character is only able to carry 100 GW Gold / Platinum. If you order bigger amounts more deliveries are necessary.
You have to bring the 100k Guild Wars Gold to the storage and meet us again until the whole amount of Guild Wars Gold / Platinum is delivered.

Buy GW Gold, simple and safe.