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LOTRO Gold Information

Lotro Gold - Currency of the online game Lord of the Rings Online.

The delivery happens ingame on  the servers. Please take care to choose the right server while ordering as well as the type of delivery. You will be asked for your character name during the checkout process!

Delivery type "Ingame Mail (postal delivery)":
We deliver the Lotro gold via ingame mail as an attachment to your Lotro character. Afterwards you can take the gold out of the attachment of the mail from any desired mailbox.


Delivery type "Comfort Trade":
During the payment process you have to enter your account information. As soon as the Lotro gold is in stock, we log into your account, create a new character on your server and deliver the Lotro gold directly. Additionally the committals happen between 1-18 o´clock Gmt+1 so that we do not disturbe you while raiding. We recommend this type of delivery, because we are able to transfer the Lotro gold fast and secure to your account. Your account information is used trustworthy and will be deleted out of our system after successful transfer. Hereby we ensure maximum security and a smooth delivery.


Delivery type "Face to Face":
As soon as we received your payment, our employees will whisper to you ingame. We ask you to meet with our employee immediately, so that we can hand over the Lotro gold to you.

Official meeting points for the WoW gold committal are:


Delivery time:
The delivery is about 12-48 hours after payment receipt.
However we can fulfil 90% of our orders within 1-12 hours after payment receipt.