LOTRO - 60 days VIP Gamecard
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Lord of the Rings Online - Buy Gamecard 60 Days [EU]


Since Lord of the Rings Online has been remodeled to Free2play, the Lord of the Rings Online Gamecard can be used to gain VIP access to the game for the appropriate period of time (here: 60 days).

VIP access gives you, among others, the following additional services:

  • 500 free Turbine Points each month
  • 5 characters slots on your server (free player: 1 slot)
  • Additional quest packs
  • Larger inventory (5 bags instead of 3)
  • No Gold Limit (Free Player: 2 Gold Limit)
  • Priority Login
  • Unlimited use of Chat, Auction and ingame Mail
  • More than twice as much skirmishes than in the free version
  • 20 slots for your wardrobe
  • Destiny Points can be spent
  • Unlimited community features
  • Full access to customer service


Make sure to get your Lord of the Rings Online Gamecard to gain VIP access and enjoy LOTRO without restrictions!


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