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STO Energy Credits OLD Information

Online Gold mediates Star Trek Online Credits fast and at favorable prices. Buy STO Credits today and get ahead of the other players in Star Trek Online. You will receive the ordered STO Credits within 1-24 hours after receipt of payment.

Delivery type “Face to Face“
An employee of one of our suppliers will whisper you ingame. Please meet him immediately so that he can give you the product as soon as possible.

Official meeting points for the Credits delivery are:
Federations: Earth Spacedock
Klingons: Qo'nos

Delivery type “Comfort Trade“
As soon as the product is in stock, one of our suppliers will sign into your account, create a new character and transfer the product directly to your server. Delivery won't take place between 6pm and 1am so that you will not be disturbed while playing.

We recommend this type of delivery because the product can be delivered fast and secure to your account. Your account data will be treated confidently and will be deleted out of our system after successfull delivery.