STO Energy Credits Information

Is it legal to buy Star Trek Online Credits at Online Gold?

  • Don’t worry, it is legal and safe to buy Star Trek Online Credits.


How do I get the STO Credits from Online Gold?

  • You will get the STO Credits as fast as possible, mainly within few hours after receipt of payment.

  • The delivery ideally takes place via ingame mail.


How do I order STO Credits at Online Gold?

  • You can purchase STO Credits easily on our website. Online Gold guarantees for quality and quickness.

  • Choose the desired amount of STO Credits and your server, then send us your order.


STO Credits makes the world go round

  • STO Credits is the common currency for Star Trek Online. Use it to pay while trading with other players or NPCs.

  • Nobody can get along in Star Trek Online completely without bought goods. You need STO Credits to pay for these things.

  • We offer STO Credits at very good conditions, cheaper than most of our competitors.

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