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Money can't buy happiness – but the feeling of power thanks to the amazing equipment that you can buy for SWTOR Credits grants you a good amount of satisfaction!  All the nicer things in the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic will cost you some of the ingame currency SWTOR Credits. From merchants or in the auction house, you can get powerful equipment, but the best of it mostly exceeds your SWTOR Credits funds.

The first speeder, the equivalent of a mount in SWTOR, that you can get at level 25, will cost you about 50,000 Credits including the proper training. That's hard to afford for many players, but fortunately you can buy SWTOR Credits here at Online Gold quickly and at a favorable price! The delivery takes place in no time and soon you will be able to afford all the amenities of a good life in SWTOR!

Buy SWTOR Credits now at Online Gold and enjoy your virtual life in SWTOR – afford high-performance blasters, the best lightsaber crystals, outstanding armor and much more with your SWTOR Credits!