WoW Classic Key / Gamecard Information

The World of Warcraft Gamecard which have already been available for many years at Online Gold can also be used in WoW Classic to recharge or extend your gametime in the MMORPG! World of Warcraft Classic offers players the original WoW from the early days of the worldwide popular online game. Utilize a WoW Gamecard in order to make sure that your World of Warcraft experience continues and you can keep playing with friends in Azeroth.

The activation code of the World of Warcraft Gamecard just needs to be entered in your WoW account to grant you the additional game time (60 days). Thanks to the WoW Gamecard, you don‘t require a regular subscription that is automatically extended – with WoW Gamecards, you decide when you want to add more time to play the game.

Here at Online Gold, you can buy World of Warcraft Classic Gamecard to get 60 days of additional gametime in WoW Classic. Experience even more adventures in the fascinating fantasy world with countless players from all over the world! Buy WoW Classic Gamecard now at Online Gold!

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