WoW Key / Gamecard

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WoW Key / Gamecard

If you want to play World of Warcraft, you need a key. You can find the WoW key within the original game box. Alternatively, you can order your WoW key from us! The WoW key will be delivered via email as soon as we have received your payment.

After creating your account and downloading the game, you decide to pay within a regular subscription or to charge your gametime with a WoW GameTimeCard. With a WoW GameTimeCard, you receive 60 days of playtime. The counter starts ticking when you enter the code into your account.

At Online Gold you can get the following products for WoW Key / Gamecard:

- WoW – Gamecard Prepaid 60 days [EU]
- WoW – Gamecard Prepaid 60 days [US]
- World of Warcraft – Key [EU]
- World of Warcraft – Key [US]