Xbox Live Gold - 1 month subscription

Xbox Live Gold - 1 month subscription

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1 month gold subscription for the Xbox 360 and the Microsoft marketplace.


Manufacturer's Description
An Xbox Live Gold Membership is the complete online entertainment experience that's only available on Xbox 360. Those who subscribe to this premium service can jump online and compete in huge virtual arenas against the best and brightest players out there, or just play casually against family and friends.

If large scale frag-fests aren't your thing, you might enjoy the tactical stylings of the latest Tom Clancy squad-based shooter, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Peek in on the latest race in Project Gotham Racing 3 using GothamTV or visit the Xbox Live Arcade to play the latest casual arcade games.

Simply put, Xbox Live Gold is the only way to play online. What are you waiting for?

Product Description
Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and content delivery system that allows registered users to create their own friends list of other users, and communicate with them via a mail-like system of either text or voice messages which can even be used to send a message to an offline user. With the new Xbox Live Vision camera, users can also send snapshot images to offline friends or video conference with them when they?re online. With the launch of the Xbox 360, Xbox Live went through a major change. The most notable change is the establishment of two subscription types, called Silver and Gold. Xbox Live Silver is free to all Xbox 360 owners. While it does not allow access to online play, it still has access to other Xbox Live features such as the friends list, messages, and the Xbox Live Marketplace. Xbox Live Gold, which requires a monthly or yearly subscription fee, allows users to access all available features on Xbox Live. Although there are no parental controls available in Xbox Live, any reports of misuse of the service for criminal or sexual purposes results in a permanent ban of the account. Key Features: Xbox Live has a number of great community-focused features and benefits such as: Gamertags - for user identification Avatars - gamer pictures for association with gamer tags Mottos - for display on gamer profiles Gamer zones - which represents your gaming style and influences player matchmaking (Recreation, Pro, Family, Underground) Game achievements - shows how well you and your friends are doing in a game Reputation rating - voted on by other players who decide to either prefer or avoid another player Gamerscores - a total of a player's achievement points Friends list - a list of a player's chosen friends Recent player list - lists the last 50 players one user has played with Xbox Live Marketplace content - download demos, trailers, new and retro games Multiplayer online gameplay - play against other gamers across the globe.

Xbox Live Gold - 1 month subscription