Mediation Process
Mediation Process


  1. The MMOGA Ltd. is a mediator for various selected sellers
  2. Sellers offer goods in the form of electronic services
  3. The best buying opportunities of the sellers are presented to the buyers on the platform of the MMOGA Ltd.
  4. Buyers interested in one or more buying opportunities on the platform of the MMOGA Ltd. inform the MMOGA Ltd. their buying desire by placing an order. Payment is made to the MMOGA Ltd.
  5. The MMOGA Ltd. forwards the order to the seller(s).
  6. The seller/sellers delivers/deliver the good/goods to the buyer, while the MMOGA Ltd. is available for requests concerning the process.
  7. The seller/sellers informs/inform the MMOGA Ltd. after successful delivery of the good/goods to the buyer. After a successful delivery by the seller(s) the MMOGA Ltd. pays out the received money minus the mediation commission to the seller(s).




Service and delivery information

We mediate only selected  sellers, which deliver your products as fast and comfortable as possible to you with the high MMOGA Ltd. standards.

For our services applies:

- We endeavor the mediation as fast as possible.

- We use all buyer information in strict confidence and do not pass them on to anyone.


Gold: After receiving your payment, the gold will be delivered to your character via the chosen delivery type by the selected sellers. The gold has to be produced / played for after your order.


Powerleveling: During your order you provide all neccessary information. After receipt of payment the sellers will start the powerleveling within 12 hours.


Guides, CD-Key or Gamecards: After payment receipt those will be delivered within 5-10 minutes directly to your email address.



The games in detail


World of Warcraft Gold

Delivery types: Ingame Mail, Face to Face, Comfort Trade, Mule Account


Age of Conan Gold

Delivery types: Ingame Mail, Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Dofus Kamas

Delivery types: Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Eve Online ISK

Delivery type: Contract


Final Fantasy XI Gil

Delivery types: Ingame Mail, Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Guild Wars Platin

Delivery types: Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Lineage 2 Adena

Delivery types: Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Lord Of The Rings Online Gold

Delivery types: Ingame Mail, Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Metin2 Yang

Delivery types: Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Runes of Magic Gold

Delivery types: Ingame Mail, Face to Face, Comfort Trade


Silkroad Online Gold

Delivery type: Comfort Trade


Star Wars Galaxies Credits

Delivery types: Face to Face, Ingame Mail


Vanguard Gold

Delivery types: Ingame Mail


Warhammer Online Gold

Delivery types: Ingame Mail, Face to Face, Comfort Trade




Delivery types


Ingame Mail:

Our selected seller delivers the product via ingame mail as an attachment to your character. Afterwards you can take the gold out of the attachment of the mail from any mailbox.


Face to Face:

One of our sellers will whisper you ingame during your given online times. He will ask you to meet him immediately, so that he can hand over the product to you.


Comfort Trade:

As soon as the product is in stock, our seller will log into your account, create a new character on your server and deliver the product directly. Additionally the committals happen between 1-18 o'clock Gmt+1 so that the selected sellers do not disturb you while raiding.

We recommend this type of delivery, because the sellers are able to transfer the product fast and secure to your account. Your account information is used trustworthy and will be deleted out of the system after successful transfer. Hereby maximum security and a smooth delivery is ensured.


Mule Account:

The selected seller will create a comletely new game account for you. The ordered product will be deposited directly on this account.

After the delivery you will receive the log in data for this account. Now you have the account and the ordered product to your disposal. Additional costs originate in the creation of the account.



One of our sellers will ask you via ingame mail to agree to a contract. Please agree within 24 hours, then your product will be delivered immediately.


Auction house:

The transfer will be processed via the auction house.
Your participation is required.
Best prior to your order you place items into the auction house with a duration of 48 hours.
For every 1000 gold you place one auction house item with a starting price and buyout price of 1000 gold.
So if you want to order 5000 gold, so insert 5 items with the respective unit price of 1000 gold in the AH.
While ordering, please make sure that the "Auction house item" is spelled exactly right.
E.g. Small Claw not Smallclaw.
Together with the character's name a unique identification is possible and the seller can buy your items.

Please note:

- You have to pay the auction house fees yourself 
- Only one sort of article may be offered in the AH, a mixture of e.g. Blue Pearl and Small Lustrous Pearl is not allowed.



CD-keys and gamecards


- After payment receipt those will be delivered within 5-10 minutes directly to your email address. 

- A postal delivery is not possible


Leveling products


- Leveling is done by the professionals of the sellers

- You can give your desired start and end level

- Time slots in which we do not play can be arranged

- You can check the current status of the service in your customer account


Legal hints and tips

All characters are levelled manually. We guarantee that the sellers do not use third party programs or bots which could threaten your account. Special security measures are taken, which control the sellers. General tests ensure the legitimate leveling procedure. 

Your character is only levelled by the sellers professional gamers.

The selected sellers will not talk to anybody ingame so that you will remain anonymous during the service.