General Questions

  • Online Gold does not farm the offered products itself and does not perform the services as well. Online Gold is a platform for sellers who want to offer their products.


    You can find a detailed description of the concept here.

  • No, our suppliers farm the gold manually and do not use exploits, bots or other cheats.

  • Yes, it is legal! It is not illegal to buy virtual goods or accounts as many people still think.

  • Our various security measures guarantee total anonymity and security while surfing on our pages.


    The shop is tested daily by McAfee for viruses and malware.


    The secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption protocol offers you a highly effective protection during data transfer of sensitive information, like your email address.


    HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is used to get your data bugproof.

    Every transaction you send to us is encrypted so that your account information, Paypal, Moneybookers or ClickandBuy data cannot be intercepted by third parties.


    Furthermore we have implemented more security concepts that are not given away here.

  • No, not in the least. The operator of World of Warcraft only closes accounts of users who have used bots, exploits, bugs or other cheats in the game.


    It might also be reassuring for you to know that not a single customer account has been closed while making use of services offered at Online Gold.

  • The price for virtual goods and currencies change so often because they are dependet on supply and demand, comparable to the stock exchange. This may also lead to varying prices on different servers.

Buying at Online Gold - General Questions

  • Yes, Online Gold wants to reward regular customers and therefore offers a Loyalty Discount program. Here you can save up to 10%.

  • Of course you can pay with credit card. Just select credit card during the order process.


    For further information and detailed descriptions of all other payment methods click here.

  • Buying

    You will find a button 'buy' besides every product in our shop. Use this button to put the product into your cart. Of course, you can remove it at any time.



    If you have put a product into your cart, your cart will be displayed.


    Continue shopping: Click the button 'Continue Shopping' underneath the cart to return to the last page. You can also choose a different category in the menu on the left to select other products.


    Change order quantity: If you want to by more than one piece of the product you can change the amount with the plus symbol. The changed amount and price will be displayed.

    Remove products from the cart: Click the button with the 'x' in it besides the product you wish to remove.


    Place your order: Just click 'checkout' and follow the step-by-step instruction. You will receive a confirmation email right after sending your order.

  • You will find the exact time of delivery in the product description.

    Usually delivery takes place 1-24 hours after receipt of payment but in 90% of orders delivery can be carried out earlier.

  • You can use the following payment methods:


    - bank transfer

    - Directebanking

    - PayPal

    - credit card

    - ClickandBuy

    - moneybookers

    - paysafecard

    - direct debit

    - giropay


    You will find a list with detailled descriptions of the payment methods here.

  • No, you won't have to pay any delivery charges. All products are virtual goods and will be send via email or will be delivered ingame.

Buying at Online Gold - Product-specific Questions

  • Sorry, we do not offer this service because we only act as mediator.


  • If you want to play with your account while a level service is being carried out, please arrange set hours with us. You can tell us during the order process or at a later time in the Live Support.


    Please avoid signing in to your account out of the set hours because our suppliers will be thrown out of your account and won't be able to continue with the level service. If this happens frequently this can pose a security risk to your account!

  • If your Wii is connected to the internet you can redeem your Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel by buying Wii games or software.


    - Open the Wii Shop Channel to redeem Wii Points

    - Choose 'Start Shopping' on the front page of the Wii Shop Channel

    - Choose 'Add Wii Points' on the next page

    - Choose 'Redeem Wii Points Card' on the next page

    - Now enter the code of the Wii Points Card into the field 'Wii Points Card Code'

    - Choose 'O.K.'

    - Choose 'Redeem' on the next page to add Wii Points to your account

    - Choose 'O.K.'


    The Wii Points have been added to your Wii Shop account.

  • You can't use the Xbox Points directly to buy products, they have to be credited to your account first.


    Use the following link, sign in to your customer account and redeem the Xbox Points.


    For US click here.

    For UK click here.



  • Our suppliers' employees are very experienced and well versed in the respective game. Moreover, two employees level your character 24 hours a day so that the delivery dates can be met.

  • Please pay attention to the delivery times. Usually delivery takes place 1-24 hours after receipt of payment but in 90% of orders delivery can be carried out earlier.


    You should also take into consideration that domestic bank transfers take 1-3 business days and foreign bank transfers can even take 3-5 business days.


    If delivery time is exceeded please contact the Live Support.

  • Online Gold mediates virtual currencies for all game servers which exist longer than 2-3 weeks. If you can't find your server in the list please contact us and select topic "Technical Issues".


    We will try to add this server as soon as possible.


  • Sorry, we do not buy gold or other items because we only act as mediator.

  • Yes, you can! We daily receive requests from customers who want to buy an account. If your account fits one of the requests, we will mediate your account directly to the other customer.


    Please use the respective Account Form.


    We will valuate your account, check if the given data is correct and send you an offer.

    If you agree to this offer just follow the steps explained in the email sent to you.

    You will receive the money for your account within 48 hours via bank transfer, moneybookers or PayPal. Please indicate the favored payment method.

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